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March 4, 2021

A.J. identifies environment as a key issue in council race


On Tuesday, March 2, candidate AJ Flowers announced that environmental justice will be one of the top priorities for his Ward 9 city council race.  

March 4, 2021

Campaign volunteers begin door knocking and reaching out to DFL delegates

On February 20, AJ For Ward 9 campaign volunteers began door knocking and reaching out to DFL delegates via phone.  AJ Flowers vows to visit as many Ward 9 homes as possible and to discuss the priorities of his city council race with each DFL delegate.  


March 4, 2021

Candidate hosts first virtual fundraiser and meet and greet 

Ward 9 City Council Candidate AJ Flowers will host his first virtual meet-and-greet on Thursday, March 4, 2021, at 7pm.  The event, which will double as a fundraiser, will introduce the candidate to residents and business owners, and allow Flowers to listen to residents' concerns.

"Meeting virtually with neighbors, business owners, faith-based leaders, and community organization representatives will give me a chance to hear directly from the most important stakeholders in this city council race: the residents.  I hope Thursday evening's meet-and-greet presents an opportunity for people who care about enhancing the lives of Minneapolis children and family members to gather and brainstorm solutions.  By getting together and talking frequently, we can ensure that my priorities are reflective of the Ward 9 residents' needs," said Flowers.  

The event is expected to draw several neighbors and supporters and will address Flowers' key campaign priorities: 

  • Environment 

  • Economic development 

  • Entrepreneurialism

  • Enhanced public safety 

"Be Better Together"

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