Affordable Housing

Affordable and appropriate housing for everyone is an essential characteristic of a healthy
community and vibrant neighborhoods. As your City Council Member, I will fight for equitable housing policies that ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live in a home that is affordable, healthy, safe, and meets the needs of their family.


The Challenges
Too many of our neighbors in Ward 9 are being priced out of the dream of homeownership. The median price of a house in Minneapolis skyrocketed to $335,000 in May of 2021, making it impossible for moderate-income families to secure the mortgages they need.

The cost to rent an apartment in Ward 9 is beyond the capacity of many households, especially those who have larger families. For example, Central Neighborhood families can expect to pay:

• $950 1-bedroom apartment
• $1,300 2-bedroom apartment
• $1,610 3-bedroom apartment
• $2,075 4-bedroom apartment

Property taxes contribute significantly to the cost of housing for both homeowners and
renters. The local government and the Minneapolis Public Schools impact tax rates for all of us.


What Needs to be Done
As you City Council member, I will do what is necessary to ensure that everyone in Ward 9 has access to good housing. To accomplish this, I promise to do the following:

• Advocate for the equitable adjustment of the process that is used to determine median income so that affordable housing costs can be accurately determined.
• Work to strengthen renter’s rights to prevent unfair displacement and evictions.
• Fight for fair tax policies that protect the affordability of housing in our community.
• Work with developers and landlords to increase the inventory of affordable housing in our neighborhoods through partnerships and incentives.