Economic Development


Many members of our community struggle to make ends meet. Having a stable job and income is something that can be difficult, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic. Creating economic prosperity is vital to ensuring a good future for our city. We need to create good-paying jobs that will provide for workers for years to come. To do this requires an investment in people - training programs, apprenticeships, and expanding small-business resources. 

To help members of our community prosper, I promise to promote economic growth and to help foster opportunities for citizens to achieve economic security. Some of the measures I support include: 

  • Working with businesses in Ward 9 to create apprenticeship and job training programs 

  • Expanding the Minneapolis Works and WIOA programs to help connect residents to organizations that can help with job training and preparation 

  • Ensuring that the existing programs are being fully utilized by expanding resident awareness of Minneapolis programs meant to promote small-business growth

  • Connecting formerly incarcerated workers to economic opportunities. Having worked to “ban the box” in the past, I understand that formerly incarcerated individuals face many challenges when re-entering the workforce. Connecting them to economic opportunities is key to ensuring that they are given a second chance

  • Working to rebuild and reopen 38th Street by uniting with community leaders, neighborhood associations, local business owners, and the city while at the same time finding a way to continue to memorialize the life of our brother George Floyd 

These are just starting points. Creating new, innovative ways for the residents of Ward 9 to prosper and grow. As your city councilman, I promise to always fight for the residents of Ward 9 to have access to the resources they need to connect them to well-paying, steady jobs that can provide for them and their families.