Environmental Justice

We are at a pivotal point in the fight against climate change. Future generations will look back at us in this moment and see how we responded to this crisis. While this problem is much bigger than just Minneapolis, we can set an example for other cities to follow in the international fight against climate change. The city’s goal of becoming carbon-free by 2030 is a good starting point, but we can build on it. To do this, I support:


  • Accelerating investments in clean cars and promoting more electric charging stations in the city

  • Holding private entities accountable for pollution that they create 

  • Developing workforce programs to prepare workers, especially black and brown workers, to work in the growing renewable energy sector 

  • Ensuring proper waste management and pollution control throughout the city

  • Promoting the use of our public parks and trails by working in conjunction with the Minneapolis Parks Board to support clean and safe green spaces for residents to enjoy