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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Born and raised in South Minneapolis, my primary goal is to unify Ward 9 residents, community leaders and elected officials. I believe eliminating divisiveness is the only way we can Be Better Together. 


I love the city of Minneapolis and have a very strong connection to the Ward 9 community. That is why the decision to run for City Council was an easy one for me. I've lived my whole life in South Minneapolis, but my favorite thing about Ward 9, specifically, is its richness in diversity. The residents here have a passion for social justice and equality that is unmatched.


I was raised around public service and became interested in political engagement at a young age.  My father is a freedom fighter and a former mayoral candidate in the city of Minneapolis, and my mother served as a secretary for the NAACP—Minneapolis Chapter.  In 2016, after years of canvassing, door knocking, and other forms of social justice work, I wanted to do more. I decided to explore my political interests because I strongly believed the city of Minneapolis could function more properly if we worked together. I still believe this to be true. 


For me, fighting for justice, peace, and true equality means listening to—and lifting up—the voices of all South Minneapolis residents, regardless of race, religion, gender identity or sexual preference.


Some of my past community engagement work includes marching to “ban the box” from job applications to give all Minnesotans a chance at fair employment, as well as door knocking to put gay marriage on the Minnesota state ballot. More recently, I worked with a community organization called A Mother's Love, where we focused on helping families and youth in Minneapolis heal from the tragic impacts of gun violence. This cause is especially important to me because I lost my older sister, Tarvanisha, to community gun violence in Georgia in 2014. My sister's murder inspired me to take my life in a different direction and to use my voice to unify my community.

I believe my purpose is to serve others, to help uplift my community, and to assist in finding ways to improve public safety practices in our communities. I'm advocating for improvements in the way we address mental health as a community, for more transparency and accountability in public safety, for safe and clean streets, and for greater economic stability for the residents of Ward 9.


I hope that you will join me in an exciting, vibrant, meaningful effort to Be Better Together!


AJ Flowers
Ward 9 City Council Candidate

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