"I come from a proud family that has been involved with public service for decades.  Because of this, I will work for you. I believe we need to improve our environment, support local businesses, create more sustainable living wage jobs, and make improving public safety a top priority. From living in South Minneapolis for the entirety of my life, I know what it takes to create solutions, navigate government agencies, and get things done.  So, let's Be Better Together."

Public Health

  • As a City Council member, I will communicate with residents to make sure they know where, when and how they can get tested and vaccinated for COVID-19. 

  • Our residents should be treated appropriately and compassionately in regards to MENTAL HEALTH. I want to ensure residents have safe spaces that will allow them to engage with their neighbors and seek resources for trauma and healing.

  • I plan to advocate for more mental health and drug abuse treatment facilities that are accessible and affordable for our youth and vulnerable residents in Ward 9.

Economic Development

  • Our residents deserve to live in a community that allows and encourages its residents to grow ECONOMICALLY.

  • Our residents deserve the opportunity to earn sustainable wages that can be used to provide for their families and for their housing. In preparation for post-pandemic re-openings, I want to collaborate with employers in the ward to develop apprenticeship and training programs that can reduce unemployment.

  • I plan to unite with community leaders, local business owners, neighborhood associations and the Minneapolis Mayor to rebuild and reopen 38th Street, while at the same continuing to memorialize the life of our brother George Floyd.

Public Safety

  • In the midst of a crime surge in Minnesota, residents throughout Minneapolis and in Ward 9 feel concerned about their safety and the safety of their loved ones. I believe that residents in Ward 9 deserve to live and work in a SAFE environment.

  • Addressing the causes and consequences of community-based gun violence.

  • While I support Minneapolis Police Chief Arrandondo and believe he is the best leader for the job, I can acknowledge that there needs to be strategic reform in the Minneapolis Police Department. 

  • I believe it is important for the City Council to collaborate with MPD, and also to develop methods that will minimize incidents of excessive use of force and maximize the use of thought, love, and care.

Environmental Justice

  • I believe that our residents deserve to live, work and play in a CLEAN environment.

  • Poor waste management and pollution must be addressed by city and county officials. 

Affordable Housing

  • Advocating to adjust the average median income that affordable housing rates are measured by. This will ensure that the median income range is accurate and representative of the income of residents in Ward 9.

  • Strengthening renters' rights to protect residents from being displaced or evicted.