"I come from a proud family that has been involved with public service for decades.  Because of this, I will work for you. I believe we need to improve our environment, support local businesses, create more sustainable living wage jobs, and make improving public safety a top priority. From living in South Minneapolis for the entirety of my life, I know what it takes to create solutions, navigate government agencies, and get things done.  So, let's Be Better Together."

Public Safety

This generation’s civil rights movement started in Minneapolis with the murder of George Floyd. We have a charge to ensure that movement continues here in the city where it started by digging in and getting serious about police reform. 


My father was a victim of police violence at the hands of MPD. He sued the department, and he won. We can hold police accountable without compromising on public safety or surrendering to the gun violence too many in our community -- specifically our Black community -- are experiencing. That’s personal to me, too. My sister tragically lost her life to a bullet, and I know how deep the pain that gun violence inflicts can run. That’s why I support adequate staffing levels for the MPD by bringing in new, reform-oriented officers that will be essential to creating a more just community safety system -- one that works collaboratively with the Office of Violence Prevention.


To achieve a better system of public safety, I support

  • Changing the name from the Minneapolis Police Department to the Minneapolis Peace department in order to better reflect the department goals and intended outcomes of community interaction 

  • Restoring staffing levels for the MPD to ensure there are enough officers to keep our city safe

  • Reforming the department to include more training on issues of diversity and conflict resolution 

  • Using data and analyzing data to help with good police work 

  • Working with individuals at a community level to help build a relationship and trust between residents and MPD

  • Holding officers accountable when needed and promoting transparency in cases of officer misconduct 

Economic Development

To help members of our community prosper, I promise to promote economic growth and to help foster opportunities for citizens to achieve economic security. Some of the measures I support include: 

  • Working with businesses in Ward 9 to create apprenticeship and job training programs 

  • Expanding the Minneapolis Works and WIOA programs to help connect residents to organizations that can help with job training and preparation 

  • Ensuring that the existing programs are being fully utilized by expanding resident awareness of Minneapolis programs meant to promote small-business growth

  • Connecting formerly incarcerated workers to economic opportunities. Having worked to “ban the box” in the past, I understand that formerly incarcerated individuals face many challenges when re-entering the workforce. Connecting them to economic opportunities is key to ensuring that they are given a second chance

  • Working to rebuild and reopen 38th Street by uniting with community leaders, neighborhood associations, local business owners, and the city while at the same time finding a way to continue to memorialize the life of our brother George Floyd 

Affordable Housing

I understand that true security comes with stable housing. For many in Ward 9, housing is a constant struggle between rising costs, inadequate living conditions, and landlords putting profits before people. To help promote affordable housing, I support: 

  • Adjusting the median income that affordable housing rates are measured by 

  • Strengthening renters rights from eviction

  • Increasing the number of building inspectors in Minneapolis to ensure that residents are living in safe conditions 

  • Increasing the number of affordable housing units in Ward 9 and protecting the ones that currently exist 

  • Fighting gentrification and keeping housing on a community level through policies like rent-stabilization, ensuring that our neighbors aren’t displaced when government partners and businesses invest in our community

Environmental Justice

Minneapolis has a chance to become a leader in the fight against climate change. The city’s goal of becoming carbon-free by 2030 is a good starting point, but we can build on it. I support: 

  • Accelerating investments in clean cars and promoting more electric charging stations in the city

  • Holding private entities accountable for pollution that they create 

  • Developing workforce programs to prepare workers, especially black and brown workers, to work in the growing renewable energy sector 

  • Ensuring proper waste management and pollution control throughout the city

  • Promoting the use of our public parks and trails by working in conjunction with the Minneapolis Parks Board to support clean and safe green spaces for residents to enjoy 

Public Health

As a member of the City Council, I will work to help us move past the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring that all members of the community have access to all resources to help them address problems that resulted from the pandemic. 


At the same time, We need to look forward to how we can improve public health in the future to keep our city resilient and prepared for future public health crises


To promote public health and prepare for the future, I support 

  • Addressing the problem of "food deserts" in Minneapolis by creating economic incentives for more grocery stores to open in Minneapolis 

  • ​Expanding food shelves and food drives to ensure that neighborhoods with greater need have access to these resources 

  • Working with the Minneapolis School District to expand on their health professional training program to help train the next generation of health care workers 

  • Expanding the number of mental health facilities that are accessible and affordable to some of our most vulnerable community members

  • Advocating for treating drug abuse as a public health issue and working to expand the number of drug abuse treatment centers in Minneapolis