Public Health

As a member of the City Council, I will work to help us move past the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring that all members of the community have access to all resources to help them address problems that resulted from the pandemic. 


At the same time, We need to look forward to how we can improve public health in the future to keep our city resilient and prepared for future public health crises.


To promote public health and prepare for the future, I support 

  • Addressing the problem of "food deserts" in Minneapolis by creating economic incentives for more grocery stores to open in Minneapolis 

  • ​Expanding food shelves and food drives to ensure that neighborhoods with greater need have access to these resources 

  • Working with the Minneapolis School District to expand on their health professional training program to help train the next generation of health care workers 

  • Expanding the number of mental health facilities that are accessible and affordable to some of our most vulnerable community members

  • Advocating for treating drug abuse as a public health issue and working to expand the number of drug abuse treatment centers in Minneapolis 

Keeping our city healthy requires a holistic view on health. Promoting the Mental, Physical, and Emotional well-being of the residents of Minneapolis is something that as city councilman I promise to take charge on and help create a better, healthier city for all of us.