Public Safety

The city of Minneapolis is standing on the edge of a public safety crisis, and we all need to work together to ensure that the community we love is a safe place for everyone. There are no easy answers to the problems we face. Safe neighborhoods will require a real commitment from us all – citizens, government, schools, businesses, nonprofits, neighborhoods...and a strong, well-trained Minneapolis Police Department that is responsive to the community.

As your City Council Member, I will work tirelessly to address the critical public safety challenges we face, standing up against existing systems that fail to protect the most vulnerable among us. I will lead efforts to identify and implement creative and innovative solutions that recognize the importance of fully engaging the strengths and creativity of those who are most impacted by the problems we face. My Public Safety priorities are:

1. Transform the Minneapolis Police Department

We need a strong police department to work for us and protect us when needed. But we need a police department that is committed to equity and justice for all citizens and is guided by policies and procedures that ensure the rights of everyone. As your City Council member, I will work to strengthen the community’s relationship with law enforcement by advocating for greater community engagement and input into how the police interact with people on the
streets. I support Chief Arrandondo and will work with him to build a better police force. I also plan to focus on the name of the department by advocating changing the name to the Minneapolis Peace Department. Words matter; Peace versus Police lead to two very different responses when people hear them, especially people of color. This is something that I believe would be a vital first step in fundamentally addressing the problems in policing and will set the tone for the mission of the department. 

2. Strengthen existing community-based public safety efforts

Minneapolis neighborhoods have a strong history of working together to promote public safety. Neighborhood Watches, Block Clubs, and Night Out are a few examples of what we have done together in the past. I believe that the City of Minneapolis needs to find new ways to support and encourage these kinds of neighborhood-based responses.

3. Develop new community-based solutions that mobilize residents of the city in new and
creative ways


One of our city’s greatest strengths is an incredibly strong network of community-based nonprofit organizations and faith-based communities that can reach out to those who are likely to be either victims or perpetrators of violence and crime. There is a critical role for these partners in creating a safe community and I will support the work they do. A safe community requires a commitment to work together for the common good!